A Blues Lament, A Requiem for U.S.

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Stream of Consciousness

Darwin’s nonsense is actualized in the Celtic-Anglo Americanized mind terminig non-whites ‘third worldly’ not first class humans, not made in their image under their gods of profit where

the ends, the end of the natural rights of man justifies their brutal and often inhumane treatment of people.

The lines of good and evil are forsaken for profit in this land, known as the United States of American.

Repeat felons burn down neighborhoods

because they are stopped, taken into custody, resist capture even when they know the extent of their crimes then blame the peoples lawful protectors

when they receive their due punishment.

America, America, where virile men work at fondling boys while coveting and desiring to conquer Princess Leia’s throne and creme breitling their hazel nuts  on images of  Huns Solo as their queen.

No one is ever wrong here, lies, taxes cheaps, thieves, molesters,  slanders, gossips. devisers of fraud, illegal drug sellers poniz planners , political slackers are glorified in America, that is until they are caught  squatting in the quick sands of karma and of time.

Today’s Americans speak in  whispering tones behind closed hearts as ninety dollar ear phones muffle the perpetual

cries of the poor, the innocence, the elderly or the simple.

The beautiful people, the athlete, the famous, the rich, the politican  of material wealth, the industrious mogul, the comedians of the most vile, decadent and profane senses. smuggy satirize normal as deviants cheer courts on towards zero population by the unchasted sons of an alien God for the entails and remains of Telemachus’ bloody body.

American live like animals in luxurious opulence .

They sleep in lairs with each other, with anyone and everyone , paying unholy mediums to contact the wronged dead, listening with tingling ears to lying prophet of profit just to appease their


Behaving like Caligula, bestowing their misgained fortunes on pets and other animals because they have money, and power  madness denying or hating living spirits in want.

Whatever happened to , ‘all men are created equal?’ except if you are poor, a

nonwhite, not an educated fool or   have

any kind of standard above sea level.

Sexual rebels abort the naturally occurring  fruit of entering and cumming, allowing the butchers, planned parenthood thugs to sells baby parts for 500 million US tax dollars anully on tables of d&c scrapping shame.

After the deed is done and only then, do they enlist the spin masters on televison to coach their insincere babblings of victimhood prompted by their parasitic entourage, their echoing choir and their paid help.

They memorize Sun Tzu’s  the art of war and re enact the foolish treachery of Brutus, Judas, Nero, Pontius Pilate and Shady Lady Macbeth who afterwards would cleanse the evidence of their filthiness and denied truth by perfuming their hands.

For they are willing victimizers  in the mulch of Babylon rising, Egypt springing and China hovering within our day mare minds.

Those who are not incarcerate, are slain and those that are not assimilated into the sheep walking collective are made  in violent predators or eunuchs who serve in movies, books and poems to their phallic selves.

Life, love, a home , a child , a mind, a spirit as well as a people, a nation cannot grow, cannot mature, cannot thrive on sugar , on movies, on wrestling, on fast cars, on ten thousand sex partners, on

popularity, on nutrient depleted fast food or on the mean, maddness of the crowd.

The nation has become arithitic, and myopic doling out billions to our moral, financial and cutlural enemies, devouring sweet sensations coated in overindulgent privileges  saturating our organs with shards of congelled sugar.

Because, has now become  a surname among the envying classes.

They parade about, like so many strutting, strumbling drunks, not feeling remorse or the blows of angry nations, calling upon  town criers as witnesses to the nations’  demise.cutting their teeth on manure cligues, rancid viral videos

of  gossip, auditioning the insane while commercizing vices from valleys of dried up whores , male prostitues and  sexualized children on runway of silkened hopelessness.

Tea parties, charity dinners, fundraising galas for pampered, thorphy families who entertain their seared consciences by starving their already lean bodies amid  catered feasts  that could feed a

starving country.

Why must we continously dtug our ourselves?

Why permit these spirits to possess us

and our children?

Curtis Mayfield sang ghetto princes , got to get melody, I’m your main boy,  your doctor when in need, got to get melody, now, I  am your pusher man, a hit for free just enough to catch the junky

train, I am your boy, I’m your best friend, I am your pusher man.

Luanne of the NYC housewives advises,”

Be cool, don’t be like uncool”

Paraphrased as ” Don’t judge me for the things I do.

Who are you to be my judge?

Don’t you dare say anything about my morals  or behavior, that’s not cool, I am the Countess.

These same people  ignore and force poor people to drink from polluted waters that their factories  have poisned.  and where ninety percent of the donated funds go to the funds administers.

They encourage the  American  to give money to the already rich like through lotteries, casinos and designer BS.

Often tugging on the emotions, of patriots,  of poor people and of the elderly when the actors, singers could well afford to give the money out of their swollen coffers.

They aim their advertisement towards the poor and entice them to spend their money on violent Playstation games, blueray, CD’s and technology of no value and to give to government programs like Farm Aid, Aids Aid, for sentimentsl reasons by producing catchy

songs like ‘We are the world” being sung by the one percent of the wealthiest.

Is it right to ask people who never owned a house or could even afford a small down payment for a house to give money for people to rebuild  beach homes  on the sinking sands of Long Island, the Rockaways and New Jersey?

Americas’ used to be’s, never were and the lying tongue outpaces the truth to the microphone of nightly news.

The wise are muted, smarting in sign language  to the hunted and the individual righteous for televised sport.

Men dressed as women and women cut off breasts as illustrated men, not waiting for God’s tomorrow.

How did Bradbury know?

And twenty- first century ShakespearIan rap moguls popoff at the mouths of their asses farting,”Cry havoc and who let the thugs outs?”

Let us all wallow and moan for the Cheerio king,  a fallen , neglected and broken gladiator who died while still alive and who should have run like Joseph, like Elijah from Jezebel, from the handsome wife of Potiphar instead of

marrying  a mindless, womb lioness.

I imagine  he thinks he got  the last laugh

or the last couture dress and now he really is a  rich bitch.

Have we not become Babylon, Egypt, Portual, Spain, France and England combined, worshipping and idolizing creatured animals, the created earth, the sun, the moon, fictionalized alien beings, anything but …?

So now  we can stop enying others and

call it square, allowing right to be right and wrong be its opposite, not the same , nor in the middle, no gray  and definitely not in between imaginary or

blurred lines?

How deeply then shall we drink of this bitter dross of imaginary money, loveless

homes, segregated ghetto streets of evil,

Surfing an iniquitiuos matrix on our cellphones, constantly checking  ever increasing emails and isolation.




photograph by Anthony Delanoix


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Debra Bishop

Read, don't read, understand, don't understand Fill your mind, or still your mind, It's you who decides. As for me, I' m in the flow. I am a writer. What else is there to say?

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  1. Carl says:

    Write on,write on your poem tells it as it is . I like it GOD bless

  2. Debra Bishop says:

    Thank you, Carl
    That was a lovely statement

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