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Watching cement crack
Why is this so entertaining?
Is it purely sensory?
Listening to the chalky rubble
Feeling it chunk away with my eyes.

Wow –

This rock of man
And its ubiquitous stubbornness
Its suave smoothness
Its solid confidence and
Its seemingly cold indifferent smile to all who step on it
Turning into astronaut ice cream
Power breaking.

The drill has a gentle rounded nose
It taps like a loud woodpecker
Without any effort
Casually, lazily leaving
Superhero breadcrumbs and
Earthquake footprints.

A mottled ocean now of
Jagged textures and sharp angles
I want to eat it, pour it in my cereal
A taste of loosened weight and
A softened grip
And then I feel it,
An exhale of released rigidity
Flowing in its veins.

more by ANNA ELISE

Photograph by Leeroy

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