historical fiction

Historical Fiction


Graves called tophets have been unearthed in the area of ancient Carthage which was a Phoenican city-state in the region extending from Algeria,France, to Malta and Libya between the 7th to 3rd century B.C.
These large tophets contain the incinerated remain of infants and children.
Greeks and early Romans historians reported that as early as the 3rd century B.C. that the children of Carthage were being sacrifice to the super heated bronze statue of Baal.
It was said that the infants faces would contort in a sort of grimace called ‘the act of laughing.’
Not wanting to hear the screams of their childten, Plutarch recorded that the
infants throats were cut before they were rolled onto the blistering arms of their parents’ idol.
Ritualized burnings have been practiced since the time of Babylon in Turkey, in Iraq and in Iran to Jews, to women , to children and to the vanquished.
Burning people was used to terrorize the poor and the disinfanishised by those converted to madness and nothingness across the Millennium.
Examine Daniel and the three Hebrew boys made eunuchs but who refused to be indoctrinated and assimilated into the
diabolic and power mad Babylonian civilation under the despotic rule of Nebuchadnezzar.
His princes, governors, sorcerers, Chaldeans, counsleors and astrologers plotted in cunning and malicious hatred
to destroy holy Daniel and the other enslaved Jewsish young men.
Eventually the Sattraps were able to persuade the demented, Nebuchadnezzar
to have Daniel, Mishael, Azariah and Nebendego thrown into a super heated furnance for not worshipping his golden image on the plains of Dura.
Jewish presecution, abuse, mistrust, character assassination and subsequent burnings have risen steady since the times of the first major civilization Babylon.
1191 saw King Phillip Augustus of France butcher by fire as many as 100 Jews during his regime.
In Strasberg, 2000 Jews were torched in what was to be known as the Strasberg Massacre.
The Nazis during the 1940s filled Germany with furances that ran night
and day with Isreal’s blood and bones.
During the Nuremberg trials, one Nazi guard as found and taken to Ebensee and roasted there in the crematorium as retaliation for the brutality of the entire German culture.
Jews were undoubtably the largest ethic group targeted for death by fire but others have experiences mass burnings as well.
A leper colony in France was burnt and all the people ordered to be torched by King Philip V in 1321.
There has been a constant, old darkness oppressing and suppressing goodness and truth within man since time began.
Genghis Khan and his grandson poured molten gold down the throats of their adversities.
In 1968, D.J. Nat’Magificent’ Montague coined the term,’
‘Burn, baby, burn!’
He used the phrase to indicate the hit factor of some hot summer pressed vinyl records but it caught on and was used as a rallying calling during the Watts riots.
During the 1960’s Los Angeles, California riot, stores were looted and set on fire.
Watts became a war zone with the community against the police and other dignarities.
It was during this riot that locals
began using finger signs to indicate where they lived and to be allowed to safety pass through the barracked areas and burnt out stores without physical
A one finger flag meant that you lived in Watts, a two finger signal meant that you were from Compton and three fingers
indicated that a local was from neighboring Willowbrook and could pass through.
To everyone else, especially whites there was almost no admission.
Cross burnings or Crann Tara or what the Scottish culture knew as ‘Fiery Cross’ was first introduced as far back as the 16th century to call the various clan members to war.
During the War of 1812, cross burnings signified a declaration of war against the likes of the Cranin and the Glengaries by other Scottish Clans.
Thus the fiery cross burning was used to call Scottish clan members to war and to intimidation of those that opposed them.
Negroes all over the United States lived in constant and imminent fear of whites and their Satanic white robes placing and torching the revered Cross outside their houses in the dark of Southern nights to torment, dominate, oppress and frighten the coloured population into total submission to their control and enslavement.
November 28, 2013, the Justice Dept. Indicted Steven Dinkle, a KKK leader for setting a cross aflame in a a Black community in Southeast Alabama.
The Willie Lynch Letters instructed whites in 1711 how to make a slave of African people.
He told his white only audience not to waste the labor through killing or maiming the African but instead to subugate them through the use of dehumanization like the Romans did with tress and stakes along the human causeways and hillsides.
He admonished them to institutionize symbolism, terror and mind control of the slaves with cords, whips,tar and feathering and pittng them against each other through mistrust and misinformation.
Biblical Judah commanded his male servants to heat the fires and to prepare the stakes for his widowed daughter-law, Tamar, who was alleged to be pregnant through adultery.
Unbeknownst to Judah, he was the actual
father of his daughter-laws child so not wanting to be found out for misdeeds, he
had the fires extinguished.
Joan of Arc was captured by the English and held for fourteen months before she was burned at the stake for being a witch and for wearing mens clothing.
The English accused Joan of hearing voices which the court described as her
communing with devils and evil spirits.
When asked why she wore improper attire, Joan stated that she did so as not to be sexually molested by the soldiers during and between the battles that would become known as the Hundred Year War.
Mary Queen of Scots, or Bloody Mary had 274 peoples burned to death for simply being protestant.
Also in England, John Wycliffe ashes were exhumed thirty years after his murder and his ashes burned in 1428.
The Druids were known to have placed criminals, along with a dog, or a monkey
or a viper in a huge man shaped wicker baskets and set afire on the waters.
They, with the Indians, the Chinese , the Muslims and Egyptians demanded Sati which is the burning of famous dead men along with their living families and slaves.
In Old Prussia, girls were stripped and dressed in wreaths and fresh flowers. THen torched alive as offerings to appease evil spirits.
Although Nero is said to have fiddle while Imperial Rome burned this myth is untrue.
History tells that Nero returned to Rome from Antium where he roamed the burning City instructing and manning the efforts to stop the spreading flames.
When his detractors blamed him for the fire and accused him of playing the flute while Rome burned, he targeted and scapegoated the tiny population of Christians living there at the time.
Nero pointed his finger at the Christains and called them atheist.
The Romans gladly began hounding and handing over the Christains to the Roman authoritative who fed them to starved lions.
Their bodies were used as human torches to light their streets and highways of the Imperial City.
In 3rd century Ulpian, a jurist said that deserters were burnt alive.
Roman authotues executed Chtistains by
something called ‘tunica molestra or flammable tunica.
The Christains were naked and forced to dorn papyrus smeared with wax, then the
person was fastened to a pole where searing pitch and lard was poured down onto him or her.
Then in 326 AD , Constantine the Great, penalized men by burning for abducting and raping girls.
Rihana sang and winded, “You just gonna stand there and watch me burn?”
That seems to be the way of the world for many women , children and truth speakers.
Spectators watch as other people are shamed, ridiculed and molested for far too petty and sinister reasons.
James Baldwin asked his nephew in, ‘Fire Next Time’ if he really wanted to be integrated into a burning house?
He was referring to the period of American history during the 1950s
and 1970’s when negroes were marching for the right to sit next to whiites, for equal opportunities in the work place and for an equable education.
Many Waco Horror postcards still exist of the castration, hanging, dousing with coal oil and roasting of Jesse Washington, a negro farmworker for the alleged rape of a white woman in Waco, Tx.
The picture of happy event were made into postcards as the crowd of whites stood near the corpse.
The newpapers called the burning’ The Waco Horror’
A young white man wrote at the burning ,” This is the barbecue we had last night, Your son, Joe”
In the British West Indes in 1760
during a slave uprising known as Tucky’s
War which broke out in Jamaica, some slaves were gibbeted to death and then burned.
In Tobago, African rebels who were found guilty of killing a white man had their arms chopped off, then bound to stakes and fired up.
In 1851 near Suriman a Dutch abolitionist and historian recorded the
burning of three slaves.
Mass burnings of informants in Brazil by drug dealers was recorded by the newspapers.
At the New Mexico State prison, inmates
used blow torches on the other prisoners.
Necklacing with a rubber tire filled with kerosene around the necks of victims was common in South Africa
and on May 2008, a group of citizens burned 11 women for being so called
In the first six month of 2006 there were 400 women burned to death in Sulaymaniyah, Iraq.
Two English monks, Patrick and Williams were flamed to death in 1362 for proselytizing among Muslims.
In 1272, 11 monks were fired alive in Tunis for performing abnormal sexual rites with each other.
Non-Muslims were burnt for entering a mosque or speaking against Islam.
In 1792, 50 Jews preferred to be torched to death rather than forsake their faith.
Jan.2015, newpapers record a Jordanian pilot was burned to death in a cage by the Islamic State of Iraq because he was on a mission against ISIS.
The 12th and 18th centuries found Europeans legislating sexual activies.
In Spain the crime of sodomy was punishable by burning.
Biblical history records the first account of the burning of Sodomites in Sodom and Gomorrah.
It is written that in Venice the first burning took place in 1492, and a monk was burnt to death as late as 1771.
Malta in 1626, Willuam Lithgow witnessed the burning of a Spainish soldier and a Maltezen boy to ashes for homosexual acts.
Then seversl hundred bardasses, or what was termed whorish boys fleeing to Sicily for fear of the flames.
Dr. Graham Staines along with his two sons (ages 6 and 10) were killed while they sleep on the car near Manoharpur.
Australian missionary Staines had worked helping the tribal poor and lepers in India from 1965 to the 1877, when he and his sons were murdered.
Up until 2000, stories of cannibaism still proliferated in Africa.
From Isreal to Pupua, New Guinea and to the Congo, the burning and roasting of humans was practiced sometimes for survival as in the Domer Incident and
sometimes for other reasons like the subgujation of tribal enemies.
The result of eating kindred flesh is the disease of Kura and mad cow.



photograph by Russ McCabe


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