The Castle Field

My Vagabond Shoes
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I have walked here,
We have discussed the most important of issues;
Girls, parents, teachers.
Woods flank me on three sides. Shady-quiet, they give shelter and peace.
Sunlight plays on the balding grass, rummaging through piles of fiery leaves.
Stray notes drift on the breeze, sweet songs of idle freedom.
Car noise from The Village peaks and falls like man-made waves,
The ebb and flow of some urban tide.
This field tells me its tale of life, death and rebirth.
Smells of cut grass and damp earth are bitter-sweet.
Beneath me, the soil is rich with life and energy.
My hand shields a stone, pilfered from the earth.
Sun-brushed and scarred smoothness, solid and alive,
It sits in my pocket like a newly formed pearl.


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