choices poem
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Choices left and right
Ultimately it’s up to you
It’s always up to you
You wonder if you could go back
If you don’t like the road you choose
Would you really have nothing to lose?
Looking down the great unknown
Curious, scared
You’re going far from home
All the people, places you like
Will be far from sight
You try to keep the feelings near
Letting the memories you cherish
Comfort you here
Can you always find home?
A refuge in your heart
When you are alone
Facing your fears in the dark?
You know, you don’t have to
You don’t have to leave
You don’t have to live this way
You could stay
You could never know
What’s beyond the sweetness of home
You could wonder
What you are capable of
And dream of things you’ll never do
You could be in a limbo
Between what’s comfortable
And what could strengthen you
But you’ll always wonder
What if you did it?
Where would you be?
What if you risked it
And felt more complete
What if you found
What you’re looking for
What if you discover
Another open door?


more by ANNA ELISE

photograph by Will van Wingerden

Image Curve’s Manifesto

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