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Poem   If my heart were a hand you would be the hangnail that, no matter what size or sharpness of tweezer I use to pry you from between the dry, exposed skin and...

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Heart: A Short Pantoum

Pantoum Poem The heart must crack. To accept more love, first it will break. It will become full and burst into one thousand sparking bits. To make room, the heart must split its seams...

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Poem when you place a hand on your heart or hear the buzzing in your ears when your eyes shut still move or the air escapes what do you do? irrequieto the landscape doesn’t...

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Poem Choices left and right Ultimately it’s up to you It’s always up to you You wonder if you could go back If you don’t like the road you choose Would you really have...



Poem The light in the trees shines my eyes The breeze from the white sky Cools my burning mind The life in the tall grass Cleans what I see The open space surrounding me...

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It Can Last

Poem Fluttering inside the walls Imagination flowing like waterfalls Heart light Glowing bright with childhood flight Wings expanding Rib cage inflating With sunshine Crisp and twinkling In your squinting eyes Rosy cheeks raised up...

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For Me Not

For me not For you have nothing to fear But my heart For only my heart has the strength To weaken yours For only my heart can minimize Your will power For only my...

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A Corner In Me

Poem About Life   Swirling through the streams of my blood, there was a deep voice that struck. Numbered breaths of smoke and lust, Numbered breaths of fresh, green crust. Numbered things under money’s...

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Poem   Dear heart, You ache, you ache. Why are you so scared to break? When love is all you need in your day, why are you so afraid? Blessed be that soul surrounded...

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Wish You Were Her(e)

Short Story The problem with staying friends is that it’s impossible. Because the feelings are still the same, and there’s no hate to grab onto to tell you it’s time to move on. When...

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Lifting Lids

Spoken Word Film     more by Lucas Howard The Writers Manifesto  

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The Key To My Heart

The key was heavy brass. There was a tag tied to it that had an address written on it. Marcus held it in his hand, contemplating what to do. The waves of the beach...