Colors I Cannot See

colors poem


Looking out the window
I wish I could go there
Just for a moment
Just to try it
To live in a different shade
To walk around
Or fly above ground
And hear the clouds
Softly singing
Bringing colors
That I cannot see

I wish I could step out
And feel the warmth
Of every dream
Each given the chance
To curl up on my lap
Staying for awhile
In front of the fire
As long as we need

At least I know you could exist
At least I could imagine
I do wonder what it feels like
Is it possible to experience
The vastness in my veins
Life seems so small and thin
For this grand space to fit within

Wishing I could
Explore endlessly
Through the waves and reyes
With this mind and body


more by ANNA ELISE

photograph by Brooke Cagle

Image Curve’s Manifesto


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