Devoted to the person that doesn’t care

man covering his face with his hands

Couldn’t sing a song if you asked me too

Because I’ve been gone for a while

Family stares at me funny

Can’t see the day like I do

Talking, talking, talking

What do they have to say?

Nothing, just bullshit all the way

I’m tired, give me a moment

Please let me enjoy it

A moment alone

You’re gone and I’m lost

The day won’t get better, called me out in my ugly sweater

it’s a blessing

not having to care about others

they don’t care bout me, what’s the point

everyone always looking…. I can’t bare

you grant me with that patronizing stare

but it’s what I want

What I want

what I want

that moment when you put away the past

and forget and forgive all the dumb shit

didn’t mean it

not a winner

never was

Caught me stumbling down the block

that’s life, when you lack a lock

and that’s what you were


Just a distraction

a natural reaction

enough shoves and the door opens

not a banger but the bed is worth it

Won’t quit this shit

Photo by christopher lemercier on Unsplash

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