The Ferry

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Ridding the ferry makes me ponder…

Thinking of things far, wide and in between.
There’s quietness, while muttered voices are far lower than the wrestling of cool steel,
as splashing of gentle waves gather,
leaving a trail of movement and a sense of poetic justice.

Light bounces, penetrating translucent fluffy layers, which once harbored mid-nights view.
Vibrant iridescent colors unlock the gateway that stands between heaven and earth.
Warm rays glide smoothly against my skin,
feeling the dance of morning slowly awaken the senses, for all eyes to see.

Calming ripples, absorb into its self, the hectic,
steady brisk paced steel,
predictably headed to its final destination.
The water cascades the sparkling light of the morning.
Blinding eyes, for its beauty is flawlessly raw; the covering of now gentle rays,
through hard tinted lenses; protecting sight against the illuminating sphere rising, transforming dawn.

Yet the welcoming of a present era,
A journey’s beginning and an adventures end.
For the dawn had arrived; and it’s scape… Breathless!


Photograph by Vincent Lock

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