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I went back;
Picking my way carefully through the underbrush, I realized:
I’d never noticed all this poison ivy…
Perhaps that’s why the itch persists.

I went back;
Scratching as I climbed hills I’d forgotten were there.
“Maybe that’s why my calves are so strong”, I thought.
“Perhaps, then, new molehills should be disregarded.”

I went back;
I looked into the valley of bones and debris behind me.
I held my camera up to the scene and snapped my past.
Perhaps I needed to remember.

I went back;
Realized how much treacherous terrain I had conquered,
Turned to the dust from the plain before me and gently-
Brushed it away.


more by VK LYNNE

photograph by Benjamin Combs


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VK Lynne

VK Lynne is a writer and musician from Los Angeles. She penned the award-winning web series 'Trading on 15', and her writing has been published in Image Curve, The Elephant Journal, GEM Magazine and Guitar Girls Magazine. She has authored lyrics for three of her own solo albums and for the bands Vita Nova, stOrk, and The Spider Accomplice.

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