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Free Form Poetry
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Free-Form Poetry


They sit there unaware
In the chaos of their wooden chairs
Playing with words and colors
And the thoughts of the world
Leaning on each other
Assembling how it all works
Questioning moonbeams
Bonding over daydreams
And stories untold

She flickers, a shape shifter
Always making and destroying
Silent decisive action
Glowing and spinning
A moving abstraction
A burning attraction

He flows, a morphing wave
With weight and power
Depth and strength
The white noise grows louder
With every length
A tower devouring everything

She flies, a freeing speed
Wise and stealthy
Her eyes full of clarity
Not afraid of possibility
Invincible, invisible
She rises with every dive

He creates, a nurturing hand
Mending what’s broken
Giving life another chance
A shoulder, careful and tender
For every creature and friend
A defender of the land

They seek each other
Alone in their pursuit
For purpose and wonder
Gliding by, passing through
Stretching to reach the blue
Morphing to touch the roots
To connect like they used to
When they were youngsters
In element school


more by ANNA ELISE

photograph by Daria Nepriakhina


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