Growing Up

poem about growing older


On the edge of who you could be
Looking at all the possibility
A child leading your two feet

Each step time moves a little faster
Each step a promise of being better

Feeling the bite of leaves turning brown
The crisp loneliness of summer leaving town
The fall air tastes bitter
It glistens your heart
Turning emotions to glitter

Here in the cold changing air
You settle here
Smelling the rain
Seeing the yellow and purple clouds
The sun in the raindrops
Children hopping in their parents cars
Hearing the rolling waves of an invisible jet plane moving somewhere far

You stop here knowing you won’t finish everything, be everything
Dropping all the heightened ideas and feelings in your mind
Settling into your feet with a sigh
You relax in the relief of a chilly breeze
Steadying the energy you keep
To savor the slowness of a falling leaf


more by ANNA ELISE

photograph by Saksham Gangwar

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