They Don’t Know

poetry about knowing yourself



Constantly separating and dividing myself
Away from the nonsense I tell myself
That others tell me about myself.
Decompress, take a rest away from what tests me
Away from those who don’t know me
Relish and relinquish, relax and let go.
They don’t know.

Don’t let them because they don’t have control
They don’t have to.
Don’t let them.
The words just slide off my back
Bring myself home
Take time and relax
Go slow.

Move slowly through life.
Don’t push it, cool it.
Let go of it.
Let yourself have no need for it.
Take a step and stand
Let your feet settle in the sand
Let them feel every grain
Until I feel the difference between every step
Between now and yesterday.

Footprints, hands and feet
Children never let go of their treats
Sand stuck on knees and cheeks
My body is covered in secrets and deeds.
Let me hide inside a tunnel
Let me hide without being bit by snakes and spiders
Let me shine like something new and stable,
Let the mist unveil
And release me from trouble.


more by ANNA ELISE

photograph by Chris Sardegna


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