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Rain 1


Rain, oh dear rain, I wish to see you, godly rain, to breathe your pure scent, to make you come so close, to rule a world that’s yours. Come, my dear rain, wash the...

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Growing Up

Poem On the edge of who you could be Looking at all the possibility A child leading your two feet Each step time moves a little faster Each step a promise of being better...

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Sometimes I feel I am Floating through existence This feeling so numb As if I am a steady cloud Passing over my own self Until it starts to rain And the storm brings me...

Dark Park 2


The street lights float like orbs, high in the sky. The rain punctures the pavement. A boy walks along a concrete path unaware he is being watched by a girl four stories above or...

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Smoke Signals

Poem   Late night with friends The rain on the windows They shake off time passing Secret in the shadows Laughing and wondering Who each other are Falling to pieces When revealing a scar...

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A Cook Against the Storm

Haibun I turn on the barbeque just as a horizon-filling bank of rainclouds roll in. A sudden wind arrives. The songbirds’ ensemble speeds with urgency. I race this oncoming storm. The stakes? Our sardine...

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Stumbling Along the Way

Haibun “All I care about is the way. I find it in my craft, that’s all.” —Ting the Cook Chuang Tzu, Chapter 3 A quick rush of rainfall. Wind chime songs. Drops cling to...

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Empty Gestures

Haibun Nothing left to offer but the rain sunset on the Ramapo Mountains not a drop falls more by FRANK J. TASSONE photograph by Frances Gunn The Writers Manifesto