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desk with computer and speakers

Frankie left the Teen Titans Wiki open on my Internet Explorer. Of course, I read bios of Robin, Raven, Beast Boy, and Starfire instead of my work. After that, I must see the episode where they come together for the first time. Then I can’t miss 3-part fourth season finale, where Raven confronts her demon father Trigon for the fate of her friends—and the world.

I only complete two of four IEPs I intended to finish. Nevertheless, a twelve-year-old somewhere inside me smiles.

old bedroom
forgotten in the closet
a Batman mask


photo by Caspar Rubin on Unsplash


Frank J. Tassone

Frank J. Tassone lives in New York City's "back yard" with his wife and son. He fell in love with writing after he wrote his first short story at age 12 and his first poem in high school. He began writing haiku and haibun seriously in the 2000s. His haikai poetry has appeared in Failed Haiku, Cattails, Haibun Today, Contemporary Haibun Online, Contemporary Haibun, The Haiku Foundation and Haiku Society of America member anthologies. He is a contributing poet for the online literary journal Image Curve, and a performance poet with Rockland Poets. When he's not writing, Frank works as a special education high school teacher in the Bronx. When he's not working or writing, he enjoys time with his family, meditation, hiking, practicing tai chi and geeking out to Star Wars, Marvel Cinema and any other Sci-Fi/Fantasy film and TV worth seeing.

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