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The End Of All Things Cold

For your review are several things an eye likes to pretend isn’t there the reality with the tattoo that says, “celibate” Rush toward likenesses favored by all the fantasies Aborted before they had time...

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The Rite (III/III)

I recall the exodus from Kaoidang: the flight from sprayed bullets into Iron Mountain, the night you hazarded land mines, jungle wild, and the Khmai reds to extract your child from harm. Unfed, barefooted,...

Garage, Haibun Poem 1

At a Garage in Tallman

Haibun Poem   I brought my car in for inspection at Tallman Tire and Auto. A tall, thin man with graying brown hair under a Yankee fitted cap smiles. He was one of Frankie’s...

Blue Flower 1


In my canoe of floral sheets And comforters that explode in blue blossoms I am eating away at the time of night for sleeping, For being consumed in crackling dreams That I will forget...

Autumn Rain 0


To work in art we must see the unknown To brush our commentary upon paper so others may see it, too You may be the only one who reads this And that will be...

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Animal Dilemmas – Bee Giant

Short Story The Giant was moved by the cacophony with the fruit fly. Not moved enough to change religion. But moved enough to turn off the image box, finish his wine and stare out of...

Struggle 0


How do I make a dollar out of fifteen cents? I need that dollar to pay the rent. Everyday I go to work and it’s a struggle. I have mouths to feed and bills...

We 0


Crying, I give my empty hands, my body is wrapped in disease it is going, disappearing, decaying … What is it that ate you? What is it that put you to sleep? What is...

Problem 1

The Problem Is  

The problem is that we’ve let it drift. When you leave Love to the moon-eyed It will always go wrong in the end. The ones with mist about their bones Who let their thoughts...

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Diary from an Empire

1/4 rage in Ferguson their hands up they shout don’t shoot our empire bides 2/4 Brown robbed the store a curfew for Ferguson not the empire more by JUN HUA EA