The Lake

poem about finding yourself


I see myself sitting in Nature
Sitting by a Lake
Just being with Myself
Forgetting the noise of People

I am all Alone,
And deeply with Myself.

I look at the Lake and there are no adjectives,
There are no projections,
There is just Lake.

I see only Lake,
And Lake has a being-ness to it’s sculpture.

I talk to the Lake,
It’s voice is as clear as water

I Am as clear as water.
There are no ripples.

I am the Veil, a Veil,
and the lake is also the Veil, a Veil
And as we gaze upon one another we see no

I am Transparent.

I feel the soil of the earth beneath my hands,
and I know it’s being.
It’s essence is my essence.
I am earth, I am…

I am known.
The trees know me,
The wind recognizes me as it dances upon my brow
And plays with my hair.

I am known,
I have always been known.

I am going to stay right here.



photograph by Hannu Keski-Hakuni

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Julie Maya Panda

Julie Maya Panda is a Mystic Poet & Spiritual Hynotherapist living in San Francisco, CA.

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