poem about pushing yourself
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Build your character so deep that even fate questions its authenticity
Break apart, get crushed and broken
Then come together like there is hope
Attract energy . All positive, all loving.
There is kindness left as a side token.

Wish, wish for a little something
Dig a little further into your version of reality,
You will find answers to questions which you thought never mattered
But it matters.
Everything does matter.
The more we resist something, its comes back all clattered.

Don’t run away.
Every way you go, you will come back to your own way.
There is no hiding from your darkness.
Embrace everything about yourself that you hate.
Fill yourself with love.
Watch every cell in that body smile your way.

Build every courage ever hidden in that feeble structure
and stand tall against everything that makes you afraid.
and above all, stay true
Speak nothing but truth to yourself
even if a river of lies flows through a barren head.



photograph by Todd Quackenbush


The Writers Manifesto

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