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Those Toy Crabs

The last line of sunlight on the western horizon. A ruffle of papers, the rattle of a ceiling fan. A memory of the plastic crabs that I had come to possess. Was it at...

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Little Black Cat

Poem Little cat, So slender and smooth I’m reminded of silk by the way you move. When stars fell from your eyes like rain You showed me how to breathe again. Sometimes you sit...


A Quiet Walk

Poem On a late night walk On a beach or Even more so middle of nowhere, which is believed to be peaceful. Have you walked The sand of the ocean’s front On a summer...

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That Black Trench Coat

The late 1910s. Grandpa Vuolo wore it on those cold days when he looked for work. It was black wool, fine as camel hair, with a raised collar and large button; the coat easily...

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The Red Ribbon

Poem   Night music Drifting with a stranger Feeling a slight sense of beautiful danger Trust feels so exciting The world is expanding Smiling at the unknown Dancing, feeling connected Swept away The world...

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Poem   Dirty bandanna and sweat in my eyes got rags on my fingers to fend off the flies Riddle me this and I’ll tell you I’ve seen cups overflowing and empty canteens Eyes...

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Completing the Chore

The dishwasher hums, and the whooshing of its water drowns out the crickets. I eat my oatmeal out of Frankie’s Frosted Flakes bowl: not another clean one remains. warm aftertasteempty pill containersbeside bottles