Rain, oh dear rain,
I wish to see you, godly rain,
to breathe your pure scent,
to make you come so close,
to rule a world that’s yours.

Come, my dear rain,
wash the dirt away,
be the one you are,
a storm, a wind, a brawling man,
but nice and soft – desired pain.

Bring bliss and grief,
give meaning to the stone,
forgiveness to those without a faith,
and comfort all those left alone,
destroy our burning pride,
kiss the mourning lands,
and fall upon our feeble hands..



Photograph by Mario Calvo


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  1. Radi Pedersen says:

    Beautifully written!!! So much passion, it made me want rain too … It sends a message – FORGET APATHY and FEEL instead… Be ALIVE! Thank you for a lovely poem (yet another one!)

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