The Smuggs Chronicle 2013, Part 2

Haibun Poetry

Second Day: August 19, 2013

I. Stowe Path

Walking the asphalt path
Wildflowers purple and orange
High grasses, blackberries
Sycamores and maples
Lining the sides

Past a bend
Top of a rise
Stalks of corn
Not yet fully grown
Crown a hill

Each step on Stowe Path
Dodging bicyclists
Picking berries
Checking Piecasso’s menu
Lounging every step

Ending where we began
Seated on a swing made
From a retired lift chair
Gazing at Yelp
For culinary enlightenment

II. Aquatic Anarchy

The hot tub’s 104-degree water relaxes my knotted thighs. I settle with my back against a jet. A handful of people gaze around. I promptly forget them.

Sterling Mountain
overlooking Courtside
another sigh

Our respite at Courtside ends when David convinces Frankie to go to the North Hill Water Park with him. Mira and I trudge after the sprinting kids. When we find Frankie, he’s sliding down a tube slide. But David is nowhere in sight.

Frankie’s smile
overpowering stench of

We return to Courtside for the DJ Block Party. Frankie and David win a Smuggs water bottle. Goodtime Charlie uses it as a marker for the cannonball contest. Every kid ignores it. Except Frankie, who keeps moving it.

laughter and cheers
the largest cannonball sprays
the spectators

read from the beginning: Pre-Smuggs Insomnia, the Prequel


photograph by Jeffrey Young

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