I Can Remember My Dreams

poetry about dreams
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Here rest your head upon this pillow and sleep no more
Simply rest
That is all that is required
You don’t know what to do
so do nothing
Nothing is an Art
I remember when it was so important to think
And thinking was everything
We used to solve problems then
And when we solved a problem
We felt very important, righteous even
So Cool
Bad Ass if I mights say…
Those were the days
The Big Sleep, ha, ha, ha, silly, silly
Alas I can Dream! And what Beauty there is in not knowing the answers, And to rest here under a great blue sky
I Can Remember My Dreams!



photograph by Brian Gonzalez


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Julie Maya Panda

Julie Maya Panda is a Mystic Poet & Spiritual Hynotherapist living in San Francisco, CA.

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