Suit of Light

sighting poem
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There was that time I saw El Cordobéz in
the city of Leganes, sharing the bill with
Padilla and Encabo. El Cordobéz was in
his golden traje de luces. Still impetuous,
disdainful, performing the veronica, pase
de pecho, his great faena, as his cuadrilla
watched the old man anxiously from the
barrera. I am fortunate to live in an era
when one can watch El Cordobêz and
Juan José Padilla in the same corrida on
the same day in the same city. And I think:
Hemingway would have loved el Pirata
and hated el Cordobéz.



photograph by Leeroy


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Sergio Remon Alvarez

Born in Madrid Sergio moved to New York City at a young age. He studied playwriting under Karl Friedman and theater at Purchase College. After college, Sergio moved to Alta, Utah where he was a dish washer, waiter, handyman, ski repairman, firefighter and free-skier. Upon his return to New York City, Sergio has alternately been a bookseller, boxer, painter, translator, graphic artist, jazz musician, and writer. He studied creative writing at Gotham Writer's Workshop, the Unterberg Center for Poetry, the St Marks Poetry Project, and New York University. He currently splits his time living in New York and Madrid. He runs with the bulls in Pamplona.

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  1. Milen says:

    I love the intellectual level of your last few poems. I pull up google to check the references and after I am like ‘wow, nice’. Thanks for sharing they are upliftings.

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