Celestial Poem

Celestial Poem


I watched the sun rise today
and, of course, saw your hand making it happen
As if you were the monarch of Circadia
retiring from an extended day of ruling
the kingdom of your natural subjects,
Unclasping from your weary, broad shoulders
the velvet cloak of night,
Sliding from your long, elegant fingers
the stars of yesterday,
Removing from your face the mask of the moon
and setting it lightly on your vanity,
Folding all those delicate garments
–Woven with rays extracted from the sunset’s graded shawl
and spun into a robe befitting your creature
that its work may be camouflaged
to the naked eye of any normal conscious being
trying to understand the way of things–
Placing them in the black trunk of midnight,
Latching the lid of that mysterious box,
and tugging closed the curtain of twilight
around your quiet existence
as you dawn the cloak of morning
and mask of the sun


more by A. M. LAINE

photograph by Jordan McQueen


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