poem about nature
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Poem About Nature

See how
the wind straddles the branches,
swelling, in fast embrace,
then releases,
and they rebound, slinging diminishingly
ever, to meet
again its torso of tided sinews
in a tumble
that swirls the trunk, then rattles
down, as it settles to
the earth,

and sways,
beating the stolid light,
dipping here, tipping there
with a whoosh
and the scattering of leaves like vernal birds
in the blue,
the face of the sun teetering
off, now on,
cajoling the susurration;

a leaf
and takes the measure of sky in
wild caroms,
salient glissades,
or a flat plummet,
and faces
ground for the first time.

more by JUN HUA EA

photography by JUN HUA EA

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