What It Takes

The Sea and Me

Stop waiting.
You already have what it takes.
Too often we live in procrastination
Too often we forget to find meaning
A chance to grow
A chance to succeed
A chance to taste sweet victory
Sweetness in your veins
A fresh “Yes!” squeezed free from your lungs
Jewels in your mind richly glowing
Reality is a game
A quenching dopamine.

Life can be eaten just for fun
Mutually consumed
Life feeds me, life feeds you
Feeding life something new
Like a hero, like a star
Like your story matters
Like you are special
Like God is watching.

Live like you’ve shed
The boredom, the numbness
The couch, the screens
The walls that keep you in.

Grabbing for purpose, a purpose that’s yours
So happy to have and to have more
Feel closer
Are you there?
Or is your flight delayed?
On the edge but never bending
Full potential unforeseen until
Your shell is broken.

Feel your heart beat
Take a leap
Take a risk
Push and seek
Share your voice and

With the stage lights
And microphone
Make them smile
Make this place your own
Be witty, be thoughtful
Give them something to offer
This is your home.

Learn who you truly are
These days can last
An eternity in moments
Your moments of joy
Your moments of blossoming
Into the world
Feel your heart break, skip and soar
As you watch birds, seek mountains and
Dive into pools of color
Colors that were waiting for you
Since you were born.

more by ANNA ELISE

Photograph by Magnus Lindvall


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