Empty Thread

Sandy Toes

Stitches never end
Up and down the endless thread
Weaving an interrupted string
Rushing to quiet a wish to sing
Ceaselessly working
Progress is gnawing
Is the epic promise growing?
Almost there, just a little faster
Work a little harder.

Up and down the empty thread
Getting nowhere is what we dread
The epic promise weighs overhead
We’ll live life when it’s over
Work now, play later
Is success getting any closer?

Thinking long term and grand
Not missing a tiny strand
But we’re tripping and falling
Sleeping and yawning
Waiting and growling
Standing hungry
Hungry for the sun
Hungry to touch the shore
Hungry for a moment to stop looking out the window
and to walk out the door.

Relishing happiness and simplicity
Not a race to get done quickly
The string is forever long
Quitting now shouldn’t feel so wrong
The promise of greatness, competence and pride
Keeps us driven, destination implied
But blocks the view of this ride
When on the shoulders of tomorrow
The more todays we anguishly let go
Seeing days turn to years as we grow old.

Experiencing life at hand
Letting go of the greater plan
Feeling time sit at our side
As we play Parcheesi or go down the slide
Work now, play later
What’s the danger
But a life un-had.


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