love quotes



Dear heart,
You ache, you ache.
Why are you so scared to break?
When love is all you need in your day,
why are you so afraid?

Blessed be that soul surrounded by love in every way,

You beating piece, beat with gratitude for the love you receive.
Why are you hiding behind the categories,
frowning away in disbelief?
You are loved. You just don’t see.
When you see, allow yourself to feel,
don’t retreat.

Dear heart,
You sensitive, weak being,
Stop pretending you are not meek.
Love is every human’s reality.
Love makes a happy being.
It is okay. You can feel.

Love not just others,
but love your own mortal self.
Love selflessly. Love without any unrest.
Spread your love, heal your world.
Love without any apprehensions.

And I promise you that you will be hurt.
But don’t worry, it will be of worth
Dear heart, Love will take care of that cut.



photograph by Jean-Pierre Brungs


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