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Prayerful Poetry 1

To God, From Human

Prayerful Poetry   I write these words to make you aware, I mean every letter I type, I am guilty for the World today, Please God, own my life. I might just be another...

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You’re On Your Own

Poem on Life and Love   When I tried to sort it out I rationalized the cause With doubt in my mind And now I’m caught Watching a feather fight Under the weight of...

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Nonet (I)

A frenzied passion strives for beauty fervid minds overflow with vision tempestuous, our psyches like the rising oceans swift inspiration washes away the anchor of our peace

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Save Me

Poems   Save me from the past, lay down, next to me and whisper softly until my end.   Save me from my sorrows, drink my poison and melt this winter, snow and years....

Kinesthetic Learner, poem about dreams and goals 2

Kinesthetic Learner

Poem Running, picking up speed as I go. I catch myself changing. I’m listening, seeing, feeling. The hills get steeper, I push harder. Making my way through vertical adversity. Leaning into the cement, defiant...

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The Lost Age of Show-and-Tell

Poem   Time drowns us like quicksand, the hourglass has a wide waist Eighteen years are reduced to memory, you grasp blindly for your vanished youth The little girl’s toothy grin is replaced by...

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Alone In The Room

Poem   The fan keeps on spinning To the sound of the dripping Tap steel still as a statue Alone in the room Blinding white light through The window that frames her Face white...