Kinesthetic Learner

Kinesthetic Learner, poem about dreams and goals
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Running, picking up speed as I go.
I catch myself changing.
I’m listening, seeing, feeling.
The hills get steeper, I push harder.
Making my way through vertical adversity.
Leaning into the cement,
defiant eyes, heels on fire.
Chasing the city, chasing the moonlight,
chasing my internal world,
my spirit on a tight wire.
Running through the thick of my in-capabilities
Running through the periwinkle blue.
Running to prove myself,
Running beyond what I think I can do.
Running to find the metaphor.
Flying beyond the vast landscape
Running to find the answer
Moving to find my truth.


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  1. Peter Odeon says:

    I love this! It’s so frankly true!

  1. 4 February 2015

    What are some of the best poems about life?

    There are countless poems about life. In fact it makes sense to me that all poetry is about life. Different aspects of life of course and our personal perspective defines life and poetry. Here is an example of what I call life as expressed by one of my favorites.

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