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A Dream of Rain

Poem   I lie with my ear to the ground: Below I can hear the whisperings, The scratchings, the rustles, Of insects with wings like scraps of lace, Can hear the trees roots drinking...

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A Simple Moment

Blue Heron. Regal sentinel. Watches carefully. Heartstones lead the way down my path. Remnants of snow here and there. Reminders of cold quiet nightfalls. I look up and see a pair of ears and...

Swimmers 1


On the way home, riding through twilight and vast open fields. The sky is a glowing blue shadow. Serene and deep, we dive into it. Wrapped up in a viscous blanket. Immersed in waves...

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The Prophet

Poem   If I wandered the streets With feet unshod like Socrates and demanded You answer the question: “What is Justice?” Would You think I was a lunatic? Or just another prophet.   more...

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Poem My rib cage is actually a birdcage I let one lovely white dove fly into the center core by your heart. Sometimes I revel in sending it your way, perhaps you needed more...

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Words Are Hollow

Love Poem   After days and nights, many fights, days of spring and summer, auburn fall and colder winter. All the battles we fought together! All dawns we spent and laughed! Friends and smiles...

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Perpetual Agony

Poem   Dragging through perpetual agony I crave for that familiar feel Surfing through the layers I dip into the marsh mellow cake Sparkling in the depths Are those ever expressive eyes I plunge...

Bubble 0


It’s not large… Inside, there’s room for me and he, And we float on rays of light for stretches at a time. The colors swirl on the soap walls around us, I know better,...

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When You Speak to Me of Love

Short Love Poems   When you speak to me of love You speak to me of attraction Two egos magnetized By mutual manipulation Lust, as they call it Physical, mental, emotional Playing at push-and-pull...

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Diamond Gaze

Diamond piercing gaze Lashes sharp like barbed wire fences Guarding wary soul more by A. M. LAINE Photograph by Rolands Lakis

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Poem I am standing at the edge of the water Staring at the invisible horizon And I am but a grain of sand on the beach About to be washed away or returned to...

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Poem There is a beauty in sadness. It can teach us how to gain tranquility in just ourselves. Takes us back to the basics. Makes us see what hasn’t been seen before. Urges us...