A Simple Moment


Blue Heron. Regal sentinel.
Watches carefully.
Heartstones lead the way
down my path.
Remnants of snow
here and there.
Reminders of cold
quiet nightfalls.

I look up and see
a pair of ears and eyes
staring at me above
the tall grasses
in complete stillness.
A moment interrupted
wondering who was here

I gaze past and see
more moving dots
scattered across the hillside.
Compatriots grazing for
a midday snack.
Who will move first?
It is I.

“I am here in Peace,”
I whisper silently before
moving again.
They watch,
glowing in a halo
of golden sunlight
and send the message
“We are watching.”

A single bird song
whistles through this valley
and gentle chirps
The valley is awake
and alive.
Stop to listen.
To breathe the
invigorating air.
To absorb the simple
beauty all around.

I am reminded that
every moment can
be like this:
alive and beautiful.
Filled with awe in just
the simplest detail.
Blessed with grace
in the stillness
of a moment.

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Photograph by Nigel Lo

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