Perpetual Agony

Sad Poem, Art Photo



Dragging through perpetual agony
I crave for that familiar feel

Surfing through the layers
I dip into the marsh mellow cake

Sparkling in the depths
Are those ever expressive eyes

I plunge to catch them
But there was only Star dust left behind.

Reaching out to your darkness
In an ever changing time
Is like pretending to stay still
On a thunderous sea moving night

The demand of reality in a fantasy land
Is out of bounds of a man’s hand

I hope you understand
The secret of the universe is to never comprehend
The enormity of our emotions once they begin

This Perpetual agony which constantly falls over me,
Ceases to be cured. You fall at it’s relief. Just fall at it’s knees and relieve me of this monstrous feel.



Photograph by Kevin Young


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