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Some writers search avidly for an unicorn or allegedly a missing piece of their soul through their writing. Their work is grouped together here and this is its home.

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Carbon Dust

Poem Life is like a burning ember crackling on the edge of an inferno but the flames never arrive instead the slow consumption of the soul when heat rises to the point of combustion...

Old Man 0

Fading Luminescence

Mellow drums and a sullen guitar. These are the sounds of his footsteps. Sun-speckled skin like an old cigar He’s lived one life and is living another Faded are those that he once knew...

Relaxing Poems 0

Sea Breeze

To touch, I am reaching out my hand, this wild, eternal dance to understand. My head is being enchanted, fascinated and my eyes gently, slowly are fading. Sitting on the sands within the softness,...

Shoes on the Beach 0

Sands of My Broken Timing Glass

How long until the sands run out Of your ticking, tracking eyes That look so freely in and through me And gaze upon shores of my muddled tries How long until the sands run...

White Cliff Sea 0

Spirit Jewels

God has scattered a bag of diamonds over the earth. Glittering in the specks of morning sunlight dawned on me. Spirit Jewels fall from the sky, through my third eye, settling into the cells...