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Some writers search avidly for an unicorn or allegedly a missing piece of their soul through their writing. Their work is grouped together here and this is its home.

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Spirit Jewels

God has scattered a bag of diamonds over the earth. Glittering in the specks of morning sunlight dawned on me. Spirit Jewels fall from the sky, through my third eye, settling into the cells...

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Poem   Dear heart, You ache, you ache. Why are you so scared to break? When love is all you need in your day, why are you so afraid? Blessed be that soul surrounded...

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Underneath Her Golden Charms

Poem For all pine after her shining airs Exalt her agreeable, confident layer And she arises with grandiose care To meet their hopeful, expecting stares Yet underneath her golden charms, Her fluid gait and...

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Carbon Dust

Poem Life is like a burning ember crackling on the edge of an inferno but the flames never arrive instead the slow consumption of the soul when heat rises to the point of combustion...

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Hands of Control

Poem Each day I wake I wake with good intent Each day I wake I seek simple goodness Each day I live I live in a crazy swirl Each day given away I live...