Spirit Jewels

White Cliff Sea

God has scattered a bag of diamonds over the earth.
Glittering in the specks of morning sunlight
dawned on me.

Spirit Jewels fall from the sky,
through my third eye,
settling into the cells of my soul.

The light hits a part of my being
and shatters into a million pieces.
Twinkling gemstones
each with its own words for “Aha!”

From deep within, a gem arises.
that comes from outside of me
through the within.

I can choose.

Each moment is that Spirit Jewel
strung together in the chain of my life.
I see before me all of me.
Young, old, wise and scared.
Each has something to say, to teach.
The love embraces the pain.
The joy embraces the sad.

The pearls of wisdom all shine forth
informing the me that knows who I am.

Spirit Jewels adorn my skin,
my hair,
my life.
They sparkle with knowing,
all in good time.

Each gem kisses my heart
and cracks open the DNA.
Tiny effervescent bubbles
bursting from inside,
releasing to breathe deeply once again.

And just when I think I know,
it turns
and a new facet shows itself to me.
Facing myself in the mirror
in a new light,
with new sight,
I return with different eyes.


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Photograph by Davide Ragusa

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