A Collection of Short Poems II

collection of poems

Collection of Poems


Soul Love

A boy and girl talk of
love, the windows of their
souls glittering, forgetting
the black backdrop of their
dark mental temples setting
contrast for the sparkles escaping
their eyes. New love, old love, one in
the same love, heralding feelings
of renewal, death and,
in-between, pain. Glorified in
all that’s holy, shining high and
in Hades, leading one to jump
and next lay flat, procumbent,
eternally upset from the balance
of common sense.



I spread my cloak for you
in cold weather
and placed it over a murky puddle
in the road, but you stepped around it
to save the cloak.

My dear it was already soiled when
I saw you and decided to care.


Snow Fall

Like a soft pine shaking its branches
laden with the ashes of winter ice
you shook off my pining promises
that I tried to place ever-so-delicately
in your open arms.

They fell to the earthen floor
and melted
with the rest of my affections
not just for you
but for hope
and warmth
on this cold, dark night.



Like an inhale of oxygen
seeping in
through every pore,
through open eyes,
ears, finger tips, toes
filling you constantly
with life of airy prose.
An exhale simultaneous,
continuous, through palms,
heart, elbows, wrists,
freeing you constantly,
osmosis of the within
with the surrounding
lifting and grounding,
leaving you the choice of



I was once the lone canary
locked in a gilded cage,
the voice of Sybil singing
delicately as white fluttering lace.

Now I am the thin, gilded pages
of The Yellow Book,
folded into a great paper crane,
taking to flight without a second look.


previous collection: Collection of Short Poems

more by A. M. LAINE

photograph by Teddy Kelley


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