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Spoken Word Poem 2

Revolution of Self

Spoken Word Poem   I need a revolution of my self. I need to overcome the alienation that society has imposed on me, separating what I do from who I am and know I...

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Experiment – The Lower Back

Spoken Word Tales, I win. Tails, you guess. Taels; we each take a look at the smog-lined horizon and wonder at the golden palaces hidden in the murky but glorious past; but only for...

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Lifting Lids

Spoken Word Film     more by Lucas Howard The Writers Manifesto  

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Lip Service

Poem I don’t wanna be stuck in a routine, a Houdini who never escaped and suffocated over seven decades. What a way to go, eh? What a waste! I’d rather be kicked in the...

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Be A Man

Poem Be a man Be a man Be a man Be a man Go to work Pay the bills Make the kill Take the Meat Show your worth Stand up tall Never fall Never...