I Wrote This While Waiting For You

poem about eternal love


Even if I could ever write a poem that summarized all the minor chords lines
In all the themes songs from all the movies we ever loved I’d still think
That one Bonnie Raitt song was written for me
But we’re still here for a reason
And if you think I’m so certain of things it’s not because I’m naive
I hope you know that I’m terrified, too
But it’s only because I’m afraid to admit
What if this is it
What if it isn’t
How can we know
We can’t ever
I’m only certain of you, and of me, and how I feel
And yeah sometimes I’ll think that everything is all my fault
And sometimes I’ll think it’s all yours
And even if we’re not speaking right now
I’ll just leave this here
If we’re making a mistake, let’s make a big one
Come with me and see
I don’t want to wish we’d ever could have done more
I’m standing here, arms outstretched
I’m not going anywhere
I’ve got all the time in the world
So get really angry
Run away for a bit
Curse my name
I’m waiting here, with love
For no one else
Just you

more by Kristen Green

photograph by Ranggi Manggala

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