Talk 25 – Cynic

short story about old friends

Serial Fiction

Look who is here, the local gypsy thug.
We have gone global now.
Thanks to your brother. How is he by the way.
He is dying.
Why are you not there.
His ex is with him.
He is a lucky man.
Unlike us.
You reek of your mistress. You are not the only one.
You can’t trust anyone.
It’s middle age. They are loosing it. Failures in work, family, life in general.
We are all failures.
At least don’t beg for our supper.
What happened to you?
I have this distant cousin. She just left. She traveled two hours from the city to ask for money.
What’s her story?
Her first husband was drunk. Her second was handicapped and they lived on his disability. He died. She looked after old people for a while. Janitor the town council. Did the minimum to survive, life got to her I don’t blame her. She is strong doesn’t touch the brandy. Smoke like a chimney. I guess at some point she said that’s it I am not trying any more as long as I put a piece of bread on the table I don’t want anyone, right. And her son is useless. His girlfriend left him for some fat rich prick while they were on vacation in the south by the sea. He can pick them right! He works in a butchery now and you can tell. You can roll him downhill like a boulder. And he stays in front of his computer all night searching for his manhood. But I guess that is common nowadays. Well anyway her daughter is getting married and she asked for a loan to buy a dress and a gift. I felt bad and gave it to her. She changed my dad’s dippers his last days before he passed. We paid her for that but I still feel obligated to her. So if she can’t pay me back I will give her a pass. But I feel like I am talking to much. You like like you want spill out a thing or two. I will get a brandy myself.
Is a women better to look from the front or from the back.
Well, well, well gypsy that is a dangerous question.
What is your personal opinion?
My opinion? That is even a more expensive question.
Nothing is expensive when you can afford it.
You are a gypsy aren’t you.
It is a simple question.
Well in my opinion is the back.
Because I like to look at her curved ass, round and plum. It’s inspiring really, we are a visual creatures and we tend to like round forms. That is why cars are are round, beer bottles, electric razors.
I don’t want to explain, just give your opinion.
I want to explain.
I like the front. The face, the eyes, that is all that matters to me. The smile is important the hair too but the eyes, I can loose my thoughts and all my troubles in them.
The eyes!? How about boobs! If you pick the front the boobs will be your first choice. What are you a poet, writer, fairy in the wind, a night butterfly!?
There is nothing more important than the eyes and anyone who tells you otherwise is a fool.
You can’t do anything with the eyes!
But they can do many things with you.
Like what. My first choice in the front would be the round plum, juicy bosom where I can bury my face and forget about my pub and wife.
See that is your problem, you want to forget.
Isn’t that what we all what?
No, not all. You have to realize that there is no forgetting.
Why are you drinking this brandy then. If its not making you forget its killing you for nothing.
I hope so. Otherwise, I am wasting my money.
Hm, you are one crazy gypsy, I will give you that.
I still prefer the back.
The back is also beautiful, the curves, the way her hair falls on her shoulders.
I would go lower than the shoulders.
And bury your face to forget, I know.
There are several places on the map to bury my face.
How about the smile. That unassuming smile only a woman can produce. Free of thought and especially for you. Doesn’t that make you forget?
Smiles. I don’t want to look I want to touch.
But you have pub. People come here to look.
And they pay for it. What a pack of idiots.
I wander what you have on your bookshelf.
Bookshelf, it’s behind me. Mostly brandy and other poisons. The only reading I do is when check the invoices, make sure those bustards don’t cheat on me.
That we have in common.
Hey, there is one good thing about the the eyes on the back of a woman.
What’s that.
There are not there, so she doesn’t look at you with that half questioning smile when you…
Just give me another brandy.


The End

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photograph by Joshua Newton


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