The Cube

fate poem


There is a cube on the floor
made of all the metals
you can think of

standing still against the weather
almost proud of a lifetime
of battles won with stubbornness

there is a cube on the floor
it witnessed so many changes
but it never changed itself
it didn’t have to

life was hard but livable
there were solar storms
and ice ages
it all happened
but it passed as well

there is a light marching
towards the cube
the light is so light
and transparent
almost invisible
but warm

the cube is smiling
ignoring what’s happening
because it is just light after all
what is wrong in letting yourself
enjoying a little bit of it
what could possibly go wrong
the feeling of embrace it gives you
the contempt, the safety, the motherhood

the light is touching the cube now
that can’t wait to be covered by it entirely
it is almost there, the feeling
the smile, the escalation

shock, pain and shame
is what came next
when the cube found itself
melted on the floor



photograph by Tikkho Maciel


Image Curve’s Manifesto


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