The Dreamers

artist poems



Artists are dreamers anyways
They were born to dream
Artists are creators anyways
They will leave their mark in each and every way

Give them a word,
and they will turn it into a ray of hope.
What will they dream of?
What will they reflect?
Standing in the balcony of an open chest
What is their experience?
What has the world denied them?
Shouting through the lungs of an empty lie

Discovery and creativity can come with the flow
A guided subconscious and a missed bow
Does the world need more healers,
Charting their way up?
With their broken pencils and slashed throats,
They are trying to voice out opinions on a lost road.

The struggle is real.
Against set structures
and centuries of traditions and cultures,
The artists are asking for freedom
And you never know because
they never give up.

Artists are dreamers
They were born to dream
Artists are creators
searching through the lonely street.

A revolution is building on its way.
They are too many to retrieve
Each bringing a change in a small way.
We are here to sweep the creeps.



photograph by Jean-Pierre Brungs


Image Curve’s Manifesto


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