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The weight of your fingers
pulled by gravity with each fall.
Landing on keys as if
they were always meant to be there.
Magnetic attraction;
like my heart is
to your music.
You shape sound and silence,
filling mine
with stories and deep feelings.
Your movements take me
on a journey,
transcending all sense of space,
and the confinements of
this moment.
I hear you,
and melt.
Floating on the waves of air,
the lingering vibration
of each tone,
I hang there.
Just long enough
to see from above
and cry.
My heart opens wider
to love
and the unsung stories
of lifetimes.
Echoes dance in my ears
and inform my body
on how to move.
It’s desire to move,
to dance,
with all that I feel inside.
Letting it flow in an endless stream,
through my arms,
Rising beyond gravity,
carried by heartstrings
on the wings of pure beauty.
Photograph by Ondrej Supitar
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