Without You

poem about missing someone
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I have plucked you
like a thorn from my side.
I have fucked you
and shown you my insides.
I think about you sometimes
if sometimes means all of the time.
I lied when I said I didn’t need you,
but people lie all of the time.

I can’t say what the future holds,
but thats no excuse to not be bold,
but I’ll never be bold enough to tell you what I think.
When I lie awake at night
and wonder if you are alright,
and wonder if he treats you well,
and if you think my life is hell
without you.

And if you think about me too,
I hope that it is nothing bad,
but if it is, I’d get it.
I’d try to understand.
Yes you were a shitty person,
but you weren’t the only one.
I just don’t get how you gave up,
I used to think that you were so strong.

I’ll be stronger without you.
I’ll be better off without you.
I’ll be happier with you you.
I am nothing without you.



photograph by Anette Grolle


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