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Pantoum Love Poem 0

Heart: A Short Pantoum

Pantoum Poem The heart must crack. To accept more love, first it will break. It will become full and burst into one thousand sparking bits. To make room, the heart must split its seams...

The Lighthouse 0

The Lighthouse

I woke with the dawn that morning. The sunlight fell in through the window and it was moments before I realized where I was. The bed was as hard as frozen hay beneath me....

short story about struggles in life 0

O is for Orphan

It seems that the sea is home after all. I labored on the churning brine since boyhood, hauling in the bulging nets, scraping my hands on the antiquated equipment, lulled to sleep by the...

Coffee Shop, fiction about soul mates 0


Short Story Where I come from, people have two heartbeats. One that belongs to the organ that pumps blood through our veins and another that belongs to someone else. It’s always with us, thrumming in...