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To What Destiny of Mine

Poem   To what destiny of mine I ask , O conscript fathers, so that I may have this query rejoined. I tour the western rim of the fluvius Tiberis as night pursues the...

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Poem In the park, Which reminds me of The Luxembourg Gardens trees swell with bursts of cadmium fires Windswept branches sway like Burnt-umber menorahs under the Weight of lamp-black snow The fluttering of countless...

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The Prophet

Poem   If I wandered the streets With feet unshod like Socrates and demanded You answer the question: “What is Justice?” Would You think I was a lunatic? Or just another prophet.   more...

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To Eat

Poem I would rather starve on the streets of Florence Naples or Rome than eat well here at home They say one cannot survive on culture art or architecture alone but here in this...