Author: Julsey Dahling

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Whisper, Whisper, Wearily

Poem Surreally pleasant after glow, Charms of winter’s Falling snow In lingering footless paths And designated aftermaths Full calypso Tranquil night I breathe a subdued Deathly plight My lips parted, Passionately, beneath Blankets departedly...

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Winsome Woe

Poem   I do lament he does not call I am bereft Sagacious Moon I am Withal I cast a Spell and he shall Fall oh Tallest, Tall, of Tall there be take this...

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Poem   I am the queen. Everyone longs to be near the hive but only you may enter.   more by JULSEY DAHLING photograph by Andrew E Weber   Image Curve’s Manifesto

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Beauty of Men

Poem   There is a beauty of men Who sit with words Robust in their delusions Simpletons of form and grace Erasing all illusions A man who’s heart is beating Still, endearing language with...

She and the Leopard 1


Men in Beauty eat their eyes in strange chambers unknown While little girls dragonfly for tranquils fool told, A crawling leaf might find itself strung out upon the grass, But I for one still...

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only the tame know love when he yanks your rope and you do not mind let me be captive I want to go home if only the rain would fall and wash away my...

In the Park 0


A Mystery sat upon a tree where violets in snow winterlilly personify And I a lonely label make Mere in punity, perfunctify Formally, there was quicksilver, mercurial in his chrome And where his house...

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Let Me Fall in Your Sleep

In nothingness There I reside Always falling, falling softly, in daydreams and lilac Under, and over and everly, listen I am moonlight through waters of love and submission Where tranquil pools of lavender are...

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A Poet’s Wile

A Virgin Vestibule am I If I wrote a poem I lied You don’t understand it’s Quite obscene and if I Told you what I mean I would shrink a spinning Slacker upon the...