Let Me Fall in Your Sleep

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In nothingness
There I reside
Always falling, falling softly, in daydreams and lilac
Under, and over and everly, listen
I am moonlight through waters of love and submission
Where tranquil pools of lavender are found
Quietly my quetzal sings
Harkens you to set her free
For nothing is all and everything is seen
I am transparent, seraphs tell me
I fall like the rain, tropical and warm
I dance as the waves that crash on your shore
And yet I am nothing, nothing at all
Helpless, and hopeless and forever lost
I wait to be found and captured and caught
Take me away, far out to sea
Where tempests and rainbows can envelope me
I am an island, where your treasure is found
Kiss me and tell me, nothing is all that you ever will need
So I can go home and fall in your sleep


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