Beyond the Horizon

existencial poetry


I want to feel
Close to existence
Outside me, outside cities
And suburbs and streets,
Outside humanity,
Something closer to the movement of the light,
The sun moving across the sky,
The sight of a view further than what I can see,
Something bigger,
Something deeper,
Something that opens my mind,
To see the world, the universe,
To see beyond the horizon
That keeps us tucked away,
Where we scurry around,
To and fro below,
Distant and distracted,
Hidden in the narrow,
Shadowed by the vast window
Above our small scope.
I want to feel what this life is for.
What is it that I share
With the sky and sun?
What does it feel like to live
Like a mountain?
To understand like a redwood?
To live in a nest of senses
Taking in more than
My mind could comprehend,
Forgetting everything below
In those hurried, crowded, clouded whispers
Below the the window pane.
What does it mean to be part of it all
And to really feel it,
When I’m an ant caught in the dust,
Learning how to open the world beyond the tunnel,
To come up for air and see
Beyond the horizon

more by ANNA ELISE

photograph by Hide Obera



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