Contemplations for a Sparrow

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I have some contemplations for a sparrow

When you perch
Wrap your claws around
Do not flap your wings

The wind will rustle the leaves
And you may judge yourself clinging
But in truth you perch

Always you have been perching,
Even while you believe you are clinging
You perch

When you chirp
Your chirping is a sweet song
But often you sing so that others will listen
And when they cannot hear you,
You believe you cannot sing

Open your heart,
Sing your sweet melody
But firstly for yourself
The music of your heart is your truth
And no one else can hear it

Always you have been chirping
Even when your beak is closed
Your Song remains

When you flutter
Your fluttering is beautiful.
It is true, sometimes you do flap about, and concern yourself too much with the currents, and the movements of the flock
And you wonder if you have the right wings.

But, you have never needed these wings in order to fly
There is this desire to be seen
And when they cannot see you,
You believe you cannot fly

Your truth is not in the doing,
but rather in the being

Open your wings,
Feel how the heavens lift you up
It is not you who does the flying
Verily, you are flown

In the quiet of the night
all alone
you have flown
where no eyes fell upon you
Return to this knowing self

This oneness is your truth
and only you can see it!
Your spirit has always been free

They call you a bird, a sparrow
They call me a branch,

Always I am here for you
when you return to me
you return to yourself

We are never alone,
when we are with ourselves.
Always I am with you,
when I am with me.


Photograph by Nomadic Lass

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Julie Maya Panda

Julie Maya Panda is a Mystic Poet & Spiritual Hynotherapist living in San Francisco, CA.

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