deception poem


your heart is pounding
your mind can’t follow your thoughts
the sun hurts your eyes
no matter how much you try to resist
a sharp feeling in the
left side of your right elbow
underneath the bone

how do you know where is the place
underneath your bone?
how do you know that is
what you are feeling?

a bird, lifeless
on the pavement
you feel sorry
and think
I should bury it
so it has a peaceful sleep at least
while you walk away between
the houses and now
it is too late to turn around
and do it
or not?

but what difference does it make?
who would you do it for?

the night falls ending the day
another one in the row
with things you wanted to do
but forgot

good night

more by Ursula Babic

photo by SHTTEFAN on Unsplash

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